When your network stops working, so does everything else

That’s why it’s imperative to get it up and running as soon as possible. With Final IT Solutions Systems Monitoring solution, notifications and corrective action can be underway immediately to get you back in business.

Why Final IT Solutions Systems Monitoring?

• Continuous monitoring of your infrastructure’s health
• No hardware upgrades required
• Updates are managed in house
• Detailed reporting of your business
• Web-based dashboards for a deep understanding of your performance
• One centralized console provides easy access and the ability to modify and monitor alerts
• Quantifiable ROI – a typical user will see ESM more than pay for itself over a 3 year period! systems network monitoringBehold the Benefits:
• Free up your IT staff to focus elsewhere
• Automate your daily IT tasks
• Manage machines in multiple locations
• Decrease costly downtime
• Improve network performance
• Decrease costly site visits by remote support
• Increase reliability in network infrastructure
• Patch/Update management and deployment
• Centralized application installations
• FTP file transfer capability
• Ticketing and knowledgebase system
• Script automation
• Real-time environment dashboard status
• Hardware and software asset tracking
• PC and server warranty reporting
• Minimize the challenges of maintaining compliance
• Web-based exportable reporting
• ESM – A Swiss Army Knife for IT Administration

Our unique systems monitoring offerings will help keep your network operating efficiently and effectively. Our complete ESM 7x24x365 package will help you increase performance, security and reliability at an affordable price. Our package includes:

“Turn-Key” Enterprise Systems Monitoring (ESM) Quickly implement proactive, user-defined System Monitoring with instant notification of problems or changes such as low disk space, processor spikes, and memory issues. By leveraging over 100 monitoring sets will only take hours/days to deploy and configure instead of weeks/ months.

“Live Connect” Remote Access Get full control over your endpoints and minimal end user interruption with a quick and powerful single machine interface. Utilize complete, fast and secure Remote Access and Remote Control for you and your users that works behind firewalls and NAT.

Patch Management Automatically keep servers, workstations, and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and updates through ESM’s Patch module.

Audit and Inventory Perform fast, accurate, and up-to-date Audit and Inventory of computers, servers, and mobile devices; deployable over the LAN, WAN, and Internet.

Service Desk & Ticketing Provide your IT staff with the tools they need to track, respond, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Our service Desk provides a comprehensive and flexible web-based helpdesk environment.

Desktop Migration Automate the backup and collection of user settings with Desktop Migration. Redirect them to another machine and have them working with the same settings as before.

Desktop Policy Management Manage the end user experience with Desktop Policy Management from interface options to hardware configuration and everything in between.

Lightweight Agent Technology The intelligent, lightweight and efficient ESM Agent Technology makes every system on your network accessible, independent of their location.

Info Center Knowledgebase With our robust management reporting you’ll have all the information you need to effectively manage and convey the status of the network infrastructure and communicate the value of your services, plus search historic knowledge base data.

SNMP Network Monitoring The LAN Watch core framework component uses an existing agent on a managed machine to periodically scan the local area network for any and all new devices connected since the last time LAN Watch ran. SNMP Alerts create SNMP alerts for SNMP devices discovered using a LAN Watch. The SNMP Log page displays SNMP log data of MIB objects in a SNMP chart or table formats.

The Set SNMP Values enables you to write values to SNMP network devices. The SNMP objects must be Read Write capable and require entering the Community password assigned to the SNMP device.

Security/Antivirus (Option) With the powerful Antivirus option, you can enhance and extend support for the IT service delivery process by including an essential security protection component.

Backup (Option) Experience the power of ESM’s Backup option to implement real-time automated disk remote backup, disk imaging, and file level remote backup.

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