Like most businesses, you probably have a backup and disaster recovery solution in place to protect your business from a disaster. However…

Do you have a 7X24X365 Service Level Agreement (SLA) contract in place to ensure that you have access to a work area from which you can lead the recovery effort with or without your key employees?

Many businesses fail to realize that in the event of a disaster their primary office space is often unavailable. Nearby street construction errors can render offices inaccessible for days, and even when redundant IT systems are brought online as part of a robust disaster recovery plan, they are often found to be useless when key employees are not provided with a desk, phone, computer and Internet access from which to resume business operations.

Many businesses assume that in the event of a disaster their staff can work effectively from home. In reality, a true business disaster often requires that key employees meet together, often for long hours, in order to form and execute a plan of action to restore business operations.

How can Final IT Solutions Help?

• Work Area Recovery – Final IT Solutions can provide you with a dedicated work place area recovery (WAR) space that supports up to 20 employees.
• WAR Features – The WAR space includes up to 12 desks with computers and phones, along with a central conference area with a projector and network printer. You’ll also have wireless Internet access, plus the ability to install and configure servers in a dedicated server room.
• Inexpensive Contract – Rather than securing a secondary office space, a low monthly fee grants you the ability to declare a disaster at any time and gives you access to the WAR space.
• Access to a team of IT Professionals – Final IT Solutions can provide additional manpower for IT support if needed; they can help restore IT systems or build new ones if necessary.

Stop wondering whether your disaster recovery plan is sufficient, call us with questions or to start planning your disaster recovery solution today