Did you know that a poor recruiting choice can cost you 30% of your new employee’s annual salary (Linked in, 2013)? That means your company could lose $18,000, for example, if your HR team rushes to fill a mid-level management position. This could snowball into slow productivity due to a poor work ethic, extra training if the person wasn’t qualified for the position or loss in team morale because no one noticed the person had a poor attitude. Do you want to be caught in a scenario where you’ve hired someone who not only doesn’t produce, but actually costs you money?

staffing-agency-houston-fitsolNo company wants to make the wrong decision when it comes to hiring and it happens every day because your staffing team is spread thin or the wrong people are applying and the clock is ticking. As a result, your internal recruiters are feeling the pressure from the hiring managers to find them someone who can start ASAP and they really needed them yesterday. In order to make everyone happy in the short term, the recruiters find an appropriate candidate that in the long run is simply buying them more time – but at what cost? If that person doesn’t quit, they’re only going to be draining your resources. If they do quit then it’s up to your HR team to find a replacement for them and by then, most of the good back-up candidates have been offered positions at other companies. That’s what happens to good candidates, they get snatched up by good companies. Lucky for you, Final Solutions has already snatched up many of these exceptional candidates and we have them on standby, in our database, ready to work for companies like you.

Direct Hire Staffing is a service we can provide to you here at Final Solutions. Sure, you may think of a staffing company as placing temporary workers and though we do that, too, we are also experienced finding loyal candidates that are out there in the talent pool looking for their forever company. At Final Solutions, we’ve done the hard work for you; we’ve already met these candidates. Our experienced recruiters have sourced, selected and screened these exceptional candidates then started them on the process of preparing for a role with a solid company like yours.

How are we able to do all of this? At Final Solutions, we’re not just a staffing company, we’re a well-oiled machine. We should be – we’ve been in the business for over 30 years! Not only do we have staffing down to a science, we have a CEO who’s literally written the book on interviewing candidates and he’s won countless awards for quality and service. At Final Solutions, speed, efficacy, trust and reliability are the wheels that drive us. Let us show you how we can drive the right candidate into your permanent position.

Reasons why you should choose Final Solutions for your Direct Hire needs:

  • We have access to a wide network and database of candidates
  • We conduct thorough research and probe into the abilities of prospective employees
  • We use stringent methods to assess the qualities and attitude sought out by companies like you
  • We monitor the entire process of recruitment carefully and diligently to exceed your expectations
  • We maintain a bird’s-eye view of prospective candidates and current clients, which allows us to fill positions quickly, yet accurately

The companies who take advantage of Direct Hire staffing reap the following benefits:

  • Tension and stress-free recruitment process
  • Removal of financial risks for their administration
  • Extra time for their departments to utilize in other areas
  • Confidence that they’re being presented with the best possible candidate for their position
  • Guarantee that if they’re not satisfied with their candidate, we’ll find them a suitable replacement and do it in record time.

Putting quality into our work and having confidence in our candidates is very important to us at Final Solutions, so we’re certain that you’ll be happy in our hands. The beauty of direct hiring, through Final Solutions, is that we offer you the luxury of finding the best candidate for your position without burdening your existing staff. With this approach, we’ll not only create a positive environment for your candidate to enter, we’ll also create a surge in productivity within your current staff by taking the pressure of recruitment off of them. All you have to do is tell us your direct hiring needs and Final Solutions will customize an effective solution for you.

Direct Hire Staffing, through Final Solutions, is a no-risk solution to small firms and Fortune 500 companies alike and there’s no request too big or too small. If this scenario sounds like the staffing solution for you, contact us now to get started.