A good disaster recovery plan ensures fast recovery capabilities from any disasters such as a natural disaster or a hardware breakdown. A disaster recovery plan describes the actual processes and procedures put in place to ensure the business can function during and after the disaster.

To ensure your business can still run in the case of a disaster, it’s important to either replicate or backup your data (or do both). As part of any good recovery plan, backups helps with everyday availability and replication help during major disaster recovery situations.

Data Backup

Backing up your data is particularly useful for smaller disasters, data corruption or accidental data loss. For instance, if one of your servers goes down, but you have your information backed up on an additional disk, this backup can be easily restored and clients are none the wiser.

Data Backup

Data replication involves making copies and often storing said copies at both on site and an off site location or preferably in the Cloud. In the case that your building is damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster, having your data in another physical location or on an offsite server ensures you’ll still have access to it.

A good data backup and replication plan ensures high availability of your data by leveraging hot-site architecture solutions with data replication technologies like Backup Exec, Comm Vault, Veeam, Avamar, Data Domain, and Zerto. If you have questions about backing up or replicating your organization’s data, contact Final IT Solutions today

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