Did you know that it can cost up to three times your new employee’s salary just to get them hired, trained and functioning at the highest level of their productivity? According to a survey of 610 CEOs, by Harvard Business School (Investopedia, 2015), your typical mid-level manager requires at least 6 months of experience on the job to reach that level. Does your company have that kind of time? That kind of money?

staffing-firm-fitsolIf you’re like most companies, the answer is no – regardless of your size or resources. That’s where Talent Logic comes in. Not only can we find the perfect candidate for you, but we can do it within days, instead of the weeks, or even months, it takes the average company to do it internally. Imagine showing up to work on Monday and the seat that’s been empty for weeks is now filled with a qualified employee who has been carefully matched to that position by one of our skilled recruiters. Think about how much pressure it would take off of your Hiring Managers to know that if this particular candidate doesn’t meet (or exceed) their expectations, there is another qualified candidate on our speed dial that is eager for the opportunity to do so. Does all of this sound too good to be true? At Talent Logic, it can be done – and it’s called Contract-To-Hire Staffing.

Contract-to-hire staffing is a fast and flexible solution to get your job filled, without the headache of overextending your own resources to review resumes, interview candidates and extend offers. And what would you do if you lost the best candidate to a competitor during the process? Would you be forced to start the process all over? At Final Solutions, we’ve already done the hard work for you; we’ve already secured the best candidates. Our experienced recruiters source, select and screen these exceptional candidates then match them to the skills, attitude and aptitude that you request from us at the beginning of the process. The reality is that by the time you pick up the phone to call us, we’re already preparing your employee ready to go to work.

How are we able to do all of this? At Final Solutions, we’re not just a staffing company, we’re a well-oiled machine. We should be – we’ve been in the business for over 30 years! We have staffing down to a science and have won countless awards for quality and service. At Final Solutions, we don’t just focus on one piece of the puzzle. We look at the bigger picture and that includes you. Let us show you how it all comes together.

At Final Solutions, we do the following to set our candidates up for success:

  • Provide pre-training prior to the contract period
  • Domain based specific training will be imparted before induction
  • Polish and hone existing skills and strengths to keep them competitive
  • Offer feedback from clients to help them build on their experience
  • Prepare for future trends to keep them ahead of the curve

The companies who take advantage of contract-to-hire staffing reap the following benefits:

  • Tension and stress-free recruitment process
  • Removal of financial risks for their administration
  • Extra time for their departments to utilize in other areas
  • Confidence that they’re being presented with the best possible candidate for their position
  • Guarantee that if they’re not satisfied with their candidate, we’ll find them a suitable replacement and do it in record time.

Putting quality into our work and having confidence in our candidates is very important to us at Final Solutions, so we’re certain that you’ll be happy in our hands. The beauty of Contract-To-Hire staffing is that if you try out an employee on a temporary basis then later decide to introduce them to your payroll, we can make this a smooth transition. It’s also common that as you decide to hire this candidate, other strong employees within your organization will grow and be promoted, as well, leaving other vacant spots to fill. We can help with this, too. Not only do we want to help you with your current staffing needs, we want to build a long lasting relationship with you. We’ve only done our job if you’re happy, the candidate is happy and we’re the first person you think to call the next time you have an urgent – or even planned – staffing need.

Contract-To-Hire Staffing is a no risk solution to small firms and Fortune 500 companies alike and there’s no request too big or too small. From sourcing to recruiting, all procedures are followed with an eye to meet your precise job requisites. If Contract-To-Hire Staffing is the solution for your business, contact Final Solutions today to get started.